Innovative Appliances That Both Look Good and Come in Handy

Innovative Appliances That Both Look Good and Come in Handy


Most of us love our gadgets, but in some cases it seems that novelty value is the only thing some new device has going for it. If the object is frankly ugly as well, it really starts to become time to question whether it’s worth its price tag.

On the other hand, some companies actually go the extra mile when it comes to elegant design and the thoughtful inclusion of useful features. Apple and Tesla are certainly famous for this, but even smaller and less well-known brands occasionally just manage to get it completely right.

From the viewpoint that whatever you put in your home shouldn’t be an eyesore, but also actually make your life easier in some way, let’s look at a few of the best home gadgets on the market.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier

More and more people are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe indoors. Pollutants ranging from detergent residue to mold spores can easily contribute to allergies and conditions such as asthma, even if you’re not aware that they are present in your home.

This air purifier’s slick fanless design is not only safe for children and pets but also looks amazing. With both a high-performance particle filter and an activated carbon module, it’s extremely efficient at removing pollutants from the air while also heating or cooling a room as required.

Grace Digital Mondo+ Internet Radio

While it’s perfectly possible to listen to any of the thousands of web-based radio stations on a computer, tablet or phone, buying a dedicated unit to do so has several important advantages. For one thing, the sound quality is much better, while the Mondo+ makes it easy to stream audio from almost any device to whatever room you happen to be in. There are quite a number of different models available when it comes to digital and internet radios, so any prospective buyer might want to visit The Smart Future to weigh their options.

Withings Aura Smart Alarm Clock

The humble alarm clock undergoes a conceptual shift in this innovative product: instead of simply going “beep beep” in the morning, it’s marketed as a total sleep system. In the first place, it comes equipped with a mattress pad that tracks your sleeping patterns by monitoring your heart rate, breathing and body movement. This data can be viewed through the HealthMate app, which also integrates with other Withings products to supply functions like activity tracking.

Its real value, however, lies in the way it uses sound and light to help you get to sleep and wake up more gradually. The supplied audio tracks and colored LEDs do actually seem to make it easier to drift off to dreamland, while the sleep monitoring function is used to avoid waking you out of a deep part of your sleep cycle. This keeps you from feeling groggy in the morning.

The main drawback of this device is its size, as it stands nearly a foot tall. On the other hand, it does feature a clean, simple design that will work well in most bedrooms and is built solidly enough to survive a fall or two from a nightstand.

6 Reasons to Start a Home Gym (Instead of a Gym Membership)

6 Reasons to Start a Home Gym (Instead of a Gym Membership)

It goes without saying that there exists a need for people to get fit and stay fit – and there are more than enough reasons for doing so. We’re not getting into how exercise benefits the body, because exercise is already scientifically proven to benefit it. That being said, there exists a multibillion dollar industry when it comes to getting into shape – and gyms account for the lion’s share of it.

Thing is, not all of us want to spend that much for exorbitant gym memberships with sometimes bad terms on contracts – which is why there is an enduring appeal to more frugal people to keep themselves fit and in shape right from the comfort of their own gym at home. Because let’s face it, being at home is always a pleasant experience when it comes to anything. Who would say no for hitting the gym in home? Nobody would tell no because there are plenty of reasons for starting a gym at home. Here are the benefits of having a proper gym at home – and why YOU should consider building one for yourself.

1. The Freedom To Work Out As You Please

Every person needs his or her own space – and sometimes we need privacy when we work out, being conscious of the way we look. And a home gym makes it much easier; this way, you can work out until you feel good about yourself and hit a studio or a gym, lessening the risk (albeit perceived most of the time) of having catty comments sent your way.

2. Take Control Of Your Schedule

Personal training sessions are sometimes hard to commit to owing to certain things in life. But when the gym equipment you need for your workouts to do the 5 basic lifts, or cardio equipment such as bikes for balance training is right within a few steps from your bedroom, it frees you up to do workouts all throughout the day.

3. A One Time Investment That’S Worth It

The money which you are paying on monthly basis for your gym can be reduced when you are purchasing some of the equipment for working out at the gym. You may have to discuss with a trainer as to what equipment you’ll need, but you can’t go wrong with a solid set of barbells and free weights. This is especially true if you are rehabbing from an injury – I had a bike accident last year and can attest to this (bought protective gear from Bikers’ Basics right after the fact, and use a dolly nowadays to avoid clumsy maneuvering).

You will find that over time, and for as long as you don’t quit, investing in your health at the comfort and privacy of your home will pay you back many times over.

4. Ditch The Parking Fees And Travel Expenses

Forget those parking fees and commutes – they may seem inconsequential to you, but they do take a toll on your budget if you let them. Furthermore, that’s not counting the fact that we tend to eat right after we work out – and in that sense, we eat out. And that can burn a hole in your pocket quite quickly. A home gym ends it all – because you can whip something up from the kitchen immediately after your workout.

5. No Need To Invest In Workout Clothes, Either

Who needs workout clothes when there isn’t anybody looking anyway? That equates to more savings. You can pretty much work out in your birthday suit and no one will know or care the better (if that’s your thing).

6. An Affordable Investment, Too

Your affordable investment has trickledown benefits too – your family may just get into the habit of working out themselves and as we all know, a family that works out together, stays together. A good return for a onetime thing, isn’t it?

How to Avoid Baggage Problems at the Airport

How to Avoid Baggage Problems at the Airport

airport baggage carouselIt may be a surprise for some of us, but it is a reality that our luggage passes through a number of conveyor belts and travels on a number of baggage carts by the time it arrives on our destination airport baggage carousel. The long and hard journey that the booked luggage goes through makes it vulnerable to be lost or damaged.

In order to make sure that your booked luggage is collected in one piece (if at all), at the destination air port, it is mandatory to follow the below mentioned tips.

  1. Be Well Informed – Before you go camping and take the plane you need to make sure to read all the travel and baggage instructions of the airline that you are planning to travel with. Due to the prevailing security concerns, almost all the air lines have issued special directions for the passengers as well as the baggage they can and cannot carry with them. Also be well-informed about maximum weight that you can book and carry with you. Updating yourself with this information will not only safe you from a lot of botheration but will help you save some money as well that you may end up paying for excessive baggage.
  2. Smart Packing – once you are familiar with all the baggage restrictions, you can start your packing. Make sure not to put any of the prohibited items in the luggage that you are planning to book. Try to pack only the necessary items and avoid duplicating. The lesser items you carry with you, the more comfortable your journey will be.
  3. Proper Security – you also need to make sure that the luggage you are about to book is properly secured and have proper locking features to minimize the chances of things being stolen out of it.
  4. Proper Tagging – another important security and safety feature that most of us usually ignore is proper tagging of the luggage. You need to make sure that your luggage carries detailed information about the owner. You can put your name, contact number and an emergency contact number at a place where it can be clearly seen and is clearly readable. Make sure to put it on more than one place and if possible on the inside of the luggage as well.
  5. Tracking Stickers – when you book your luggage through an airline, they give you a tracking sticker/tag to be place on your luggage, before you put it on the conveyor belt to head to the air plane. Just make sure that the information contained on that tracking tag is accurate and the tag is securely place on your luggage.
What Type of Air Mattress Can Be Used for Camping?

What Type of Air Mattress Can Be Used for Camping?

An air mattress is not only designed for people who love to travel but it is also designed for individuals who don’t want a conventional bed. If you do love camping, you could take it with you and share it with your friends.


Before you read expert reviews and purchase this bed, it is important to know the size of the bed you want. If you’re planning to use it inside your tent, you’d need a bed that fits in your tent. On the other hand, if you’re not sleeping in a tent, then choose a bed based on the number of people who will sleep on it.

Where will you place it?

king Air MattressIs it on the grass? A cemented or printed surface? You must opt for an air mattress that’s made of tough materials. It must also be scratch-resistant. Since you don’t know where you’re going to put it on, you’ll need something that’s strong enough to stand against any type of surface condition.

You can also purchase a truck air mattress which is designed to fit at the back of your truck as its sides are cut out. If you don’t want to manually pump air to the bed, you would want to have an air mattress with built-in pump.

Types of Pedometer You Can Find

Types of Pedometer You Can Find

A pedometer is another useful gadget for fitness enthusiasts, you can wear it wherever you go so you can measure your total steps in a day. Its main use is to count your footsteps, but then the number will be converted to distance to know how many kilometers or miles you have walked.

Fitness buffs like wearing this gadget not just to monitor their distance but it is also a wonderful gadget to help motivate them to move more.

Are pedometers the same?

All of them count steps. However, each of them measures steps using different methods. This means that one mechanism is more accurate than the other method, but the most accurate way is through an accelerometer.

Wearing this gadget

PedometerThe old gadget required you to wear it in a vertical position so it could give you accurate data, but you can also get a waistband pedometer that can be tilted. However, this type may not be able to provide you with accurate results. If you still decide to go this route, make sure to read these pedometer watch reviews online. A 2-axis or a 3-axis accelerometer mechanism can provide you with more accurate data even if it’s tilted or carried it in your pocket.

The type of pedometer that you want to wear may depend on how you wear it. For instance, if you like it to be inserted in your pocket, you can opt for a pocket pedometer. The latest units don’t need for you to start and stop them. Instead, newer designs can track your total daily steps while walking and running without pushing certain buttons.

If you are planning to use this gadget to track your total daily steps, it’s best to buy a unit that’s small enough to fit in your all-day wear so it can track your everyday activities like steam cleaning the house. It must clip to your clothing securely so it won’t fall off. Or you can just purchase a safety leash for your pedometer to make sure that it won’t fall off while walking or running.

Another thing to consider when finding the right unit is its display. Regardless of how many details it can offer, it is still best to have a unit that’s easy to read without you having to remove it from wherever you clip it.

It is also a great idea to find a pedometer that can record your steps and distance to further help you in tracking your steps. In this way, it’s easier to jot down your daily totals.

How a 3D Printer Works

How a 3D Printer Works

A 3D printer involves a process that can produce 3-dimensional solid objects from any potential digital file. It follows additive processes that create objects by laying down layers of materials until an entire object is built.

How it actually works?

  1. 3D PrinterYou’ll need a 3D modelling program.
  2. You make a virtual design. It can be a car, your favorite toy or whatever object you wish to create.
  3. You can also get copy of an object and scan it using a 3D scanner. The digital copy will be transferred in a 3D modelling program.
  4. The 3D modelling program will make thousands of horizontal layers out of the digital file in preparation for 3D printing.
  5. Once it’s done, the file will be uploaded to the 3D printer.
  6. The printer will now start creating the object you’ve designed or copied layer by layer.
  7. The 3D printer reads each layer and creates the object by blending all layers without visible signs of those layers.

The latest 3d printer reviews show that you can now use the created object into various applications, such as prototyping or visualization of your design, among other things.

These days, 3D printers are being used to provide artists a way for them to express their thoughts or present their designs.

4 Details You Must Know Before Buying a Steam Mop

4 Details You Must Know Before Buying a Steam Mop

Steam mops are gaining popularity because it can provide better cleaning results than when you use an ordinary mop. Although it’s more expensive than a regular mop, it’s a worthwhile cleaning tool as it can offer you convenience, cleanliness and performance. Once you’ve used this type of cleaner, you’ll never want to use the mop and pail method.

You can check 20 of the best carpet steamer ratings or read below for the most important details of this type of cleaner.

There’s a one-sided mop and a two-sided unit. The latter is more practical as you don’t need to unplug the unit just to turn it over and clean the other side.
You can also opt for a steam mop that comes with a dual function. This means that it includes safety features for sweeping and scrubbing.

This cleaning equipment is heavier than a regular mop. But this is easier to handle as you don’t need to strain your back while you wring a heavy floor mop. Little effort is required. However, if you choose a unit with bulky design, it can surely add weight to the tool.

You will need a unit with higher wattage to provide you with very hot steam in order to obtain better cleaning.

Opt for a steam mop unit that comes with a triangular mop head. This makes the unit more versatile as you can easily clean corners and large floor area. And the more accessories the unit has, the better.

4 Tips to Help in Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

4 Tips to Help in Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

Are you remodeling your kitchen? If you are, then you must not forget the little things like the kitchen faucet. As they say, those little things can provide a big difference to the outcome of a project. You may think that a kitchen faucet is a small item. But if you don’t choose the right one, it will negatively impact the result of your remodeling.

Since there are so many styles that you can find on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right faucet. Let these tips help you get started.

1. The number of holes

Kitchen FaucetIf you need to replace your faucet, take note of the number of mounting holes found in your sink. Make sure that the faucet you buy matches those holes. You can easily buy deck plates to cover those extra holes. However, it can be difficult to add additional holes into your sink.

2. The type of spout

Most of the time, the spout style depends on your personal preference. The most popular styles are faucets with gooseneck and high arc. They offer plenty of sink space while cleaning pans and pots.

If you have a larger sink, however, you may need a kitchen faucet with a wider spray.

3. The number of handles

You can opt for one or two. It’s still a matter of personal preference. If you like it simple, then opt for a faucet with one handle. A two-handle style can be ideal if you prefer more control.

4. The finish

Chrome, nickel and other options are available. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick the right one. To make it easier, you just need to choose a style that matches your kitchen décor. In this way, your entire kitchen will surely look finished.

You can also get accessories to fill every hole in your sink. But the options can be overwhelming. So choose something that you use more often, like a side sprayer or a soap dispenser.

Once you have purchased the perfect kitchen faucet, consider hiring a professional to obtain better results.

3 Essential Details You Must Know of Toaster Ovens Before Purchasing One

3 Essential Details You Must Know of Toaster Ovens Before Purchasing One

A toaster oven is an ideal appliance to lower your electric bill and make cooking a lot faster. If you can’t afford yet to buy a microwave, you might want to consider getting this instead. But before purchasing one, make sure that you have thought about these things:


Toast is the most obvious food you can prepare using this appliance, but this unit is not only used to make bread turn brownish or crunchy. After reading about the 10 best toaster oven ratings I learned that there are also units with bake, broil and toast functions. In this way, you can use your toaster oven to heat up leftovers, broil something or bake an oatmeal cookie.
Other units can defrost, reheat, grill ad roast. If you need these functions to, then opt to have an advanced toaster instead of a regular unit.

2.Racks and trays

Convection MicrowaveLarger units have two racks that can be adjusted, and preferably you should opt for a unit that comes with a removable tray. In this way, you can easily remove it when there’s a need for you to clean it.
When you want a unit with drip tray, make sure that it is non-stick to make it easier for you to scrape off food that has been cooked onto the tray.
You might also consider getting a toaster oven that can accommodate special pans, like a pan for making a pizza or baking cookies.


Although each unit has its own user’s manual, it will help you save time reading when the oven comes with easy-to-use settings. This means that you no longer have to guess as to the right function when you need to cook certain food. Most ideal units will have digital controls for broiling, toasting and baking.

The Reason Air Mattresses Lose Air Over Time

The Reason Air Mattresses Lose Air Over Time

If you are a camping enthusiast then I am sure you must have an air mattress at the top of your packing list. But however big fan a person is of air mattresses, still there a number of lingering complaints across the market. The most shouted out problem is the air loss that happens in an inflated mattress over a period. There are certain reasons that cause this issue and in the following sections we will be discussing them.

Usage Error:

Air MattressesQuite a few times, it had been recorded that a user is not properly handling the mattress. Every mattress comes with a user manual published by the manufacturing company. Many users do not follow them while using the air mattress. This leads to early wearing out of the mattress and other hazards. So if you are instructed by the manufacturer in regards to how to inflate the mattress, it is recommended to follow them carefully. Otherwise you might face issues like air loss over the night.

Type Of Pumps:

There are two types of pumps available in the market for air mattresses. One is the built-in internal pump and one is external pumps. Internal pumps generally seal the valve opening after the inflation thus reduces the chance of deflation whereas external pumps when removed after inflation most of the times do not seal the opening. Thus over some time, the air starts to blow out of the mattress. Nowadays with the improvement of technology, many brands have included this auto lock feature with external pumps so when an external pump is removed from the opening, the valve is auto-sealed thus preventing air loss.

Worn Out Material:

You may be a frequent camper or you may use air mattress at your home. In both the cases, there is a chance that overuse will take a toll on your mattress. Most materials have a tendency to wear out easily leading to tears. This can be a very definitive cause behind loss of air in air-mattresses. Some times in the cheaper varieties, the material that comes is not very durable, thus a wear and tear is not so surprising after few uses. So it is advisable that when you buy an air mattress go for the brands that provide warranty over a long period after the purchase.

Just like with the memory mattress reviews I’ve read the other day, air bed technology has improved a lot over the years, so more or less all the material related problems can be avoided in near future. But you have to be careful on handling your air mattress to get better comfort for longer period and reduce air loss.