The Reason Air Mattresses Lose Air Over Time

If you are a camping enthusiast then I am sure you must have an air mattress at the top of your packing list. But however big fan a person is of air mattresses, still there a number of lingering complaints across the market. The most shouted out problem is the air loss that happens in an inflated mattress over a period. There are certain reasons that cause this issue and in the following sections we will be discussing them.

Usage Error:

Air MattressesQuite a few times, it had been recorded that a user is not properly handling the mattress. Every mattress comes with a user manual published by the manufacturing company. Many users do not follow them while using the air mattress. This leads to early wearing out of the mattress and other hazards. So if you are instructed by the manufacturer in regards to how to inflate the mattress, it is recommended to follow them carefully. Otherwise you might face issues like air loss over the night.

Type Of Pumps:

There are two types of pumps available in the market for air mattresses. One is the built-in internal pump and one is external pumps. Internal pumps generally seal the valve opening after the inflation thus reduces the chance of deflation whereas external pumps when removed after inflation most of the times do not seal the opening. Thus over some time, the air starts to blow out of the mattress. Nowadays with the improvement of technology, many brands have included this auto lock feature with external pumps so when an external pump is removed from the opening, the valve is auto-sealed thus preventing air loss.

Worn Out Material:

You may be a frequent camper or you may use air mattress at your home. In both the cases, there is a chance that overuse will take a toll on your mattress. Most materials have a tendency to wear out easily leading to tears. This can be a very definitive cause behind loss of air in air-mattresses. Some times in the cheaper varieties, the material that comes is not very durable, thus a wear and tear is not so surprising after few uses. So it is advisable that when you buy an air mattress go for the brands that provide warranty over a long period after the purchase.

Just like with the memory mattress reviews I’ve read the other day, air bed technology has improved a lot over the years, so more or less all the material related problems can be avoided in near future. But you have to be careful on handling your air mattress to get better comfort for longer period and reduce air loss.