How to Avoid Baggage Problems at the Airport

airport baggage carouselIt may be a surprise for some of us, but it is a reality that our luggage passes through a number of conveyor belts and travels on a number of baggage carts by the time it arrives on our destination airport baggage carousel. The long and hard journey that the booked luggage goes through makes it vulnerable to be lost or damaged.

In order to make sure that your booked luggage is collected in one piece (if at all), at the destination air port, it is mandatory to follow the below mentioned tips.

  1. Be Well Informed – Before you go camping and take the plane you need to make sure to read all the travel and baggage instructions of the airline that you are planning to travel with. Due to the prevailing security concerns, almost all the air lines have issued special directions for the passengers as well as the baggage they can and cannot carry with them. Also be well-informed about maximum weight that you can book and carry with you. Updating yourself with this information will not only safe you from a lot of botheration but will help you save some money as well that you may end up paying for excessive baggage.
  2. Smart Packing – once you are familiar with all the baggage restrictions, you can start your packing. Make sure not to put any of the prohibited items in the luggage that you are planning to book. Try to pack only the necessary items and avoid duplicating. The lesser items you carry with you, the more comfortable your journey will be.
  3. Proper Security – you also need to make sure that the luggage you are about to book is properly secured and have proper locking features to minimize the chances of things being stolen out of it.
  4. Proper Tagging – another important security and safety feature that most of us usually ignore is proper tagging of the luggage. You need to make sure that your luggage carries detailed information about the owner. You can put your name, contact number and an emergency contact number at a place where it can be clearly seen and is clearly readable. Make sure to put it on more than one place and if possible on the inside of the luggage as well.
  5. Tracking Stickers – when you book your luggage through an airline, they give you a tracking sticker/tag to be place on your luggage, before you put it on the conveyor belt to head to the air plane. Just make sure that the information contained on that tracking tag is accurate and the tag is securely place on your luggage.