6 Reasons to Start a Home Gym (Instead of a Gym Membership)

It goes without saying that there exists a need for people to get fit and stay fit – and there are more than enough reasons for doing so. We’re not getting into how exercise benefits the body, because exercise is already scientifically proven to benefit it. That being said, there exists a multibillion dollar industry when it comes to getting into shape – and gyms account for the lion’s share of it.

Thing is, not all of us want to spend that much for exorbitant gym memberships with sometimes bad terms on contracts – which is why there is an enduring appeal to more frugal people to keep themselves fit and in shape right from the comfort of their own gym at home. Because let’s face it, being at home is always a pleasant experience when it comes to anything. Who would say no for hitting the gym in home? Nobody would tell no because there are plenty of reasons for starting a gym at home. Here are the benefits of having a proper gym at home – and why YOU should consider building one for yourself.

1. The Freedom To Work Out As You Please

Every person needs his or her own space – and sometimes we need privacy when we work out, being conscious of the way we look. And a home gym makes it much easier; this way, you can work out until you feel good about yourself and hit a studio or a gym, lessening the risk (albeit perceived most of the time) of having catty comments sent your way.

2. Take Control Of Your Schedule

Personal training sessions are sometimes hard to commit to owing to certain things in life. But when the gym equipment you need for your workouts to do the 5 basic lifts, or cardio equipment such as bikes for balance training is right within a few steps from your bedroom, it frees you up to do workouts all throughout the day.

3. A One Time Investment That’S Worth It

The money which you are paying on monthly basis for your gym can be reduced when you are purchasing some of the equipment for working out at the gym. You may have to discuss with a trainer as to what equipment you’ll need, but you can’t go wrong with a solid set of barbells and free weights. This is especially true if you are rehabbing from an injury – I had a bike accident last year and can attest to this (bought protective gear from Bikers’ Basics right after the fact, and use a dolly nowadays to avoid clumsy maneuvering).

You will find that over time, and for as long as you don’t quit, investing in your health at the comfort and privacy of your home will pay you back many times over.

4. Ditch The Parking Fees And Travel Expenses

Forget those parking fees and commutes – they may seem inconsequential to you, but they do take a toll on your budget if you let them. Furthermore, that’s not counting the fact that we tend to eat right after we work out – and in that sense, we eat out. And that can burn a hole in your pocket quite quickly. A home gym ends it all – because you can whip something up from the kitchen immediately after your workout.

5. No Need To Invest In Workout Clothes, Either

Who needs workout clothes when there isn’t anybody looking anyway? That equates to more savings. You can pretty much work out in your birthday suit and no one will know or care the better (if that’s your thing).

6. An Affordable Investment, Too

Your affordable investment has trickledown benefits too – your family may just get into the habit of working out themselves and as we all know, a family that works out together, stays together. A good return for a onetime thing, isn’t it?