4 Details You Must Know Before Buying a Steam Mop

Steam mops are gaining popularity because it can provide better cleaning results than when you use an ordinary mop. Although it’s more expensive than a regular mop, it’s a worthwhile cleaning tool as it can offer you convenience, cleanliness and performance. Once you’ve used this type of cleaner, you’ll never want to use the mop and pail method.

You can check 20 of the best carpet steamer ratings or read below for the most important details of this type of cleaner.

There’s a one-sided mop and a two-sided unit. The latter is more practical as you don’t need to unplug the unit just to turn it over and clean the other side.
You can also opt for a steam mop that comes with a dual function. This means that it includes safety features for sweeping and scrubbing.

This cleaning equipment is heavier than a regular mop. But this is easier to handle as you don’t need to strain your back while you wring a heavy floor mop. Little effort is required. However, if you choose a unit with bulky design, it can surely add weight to the tool.

You will need a unit with higher wattage to provide you with very hot steam in order to obtain better cleaning.

Opt for a steam mop unit that comes with a triangular mop head. This makes the unit more versatile as you can easily clean corners and large floor area. And the more accessories the unit has, the better.